आदर्श ग्रामविकास संस्था शिरढोण आदर्श ग्रामविकास संस्था शिरढोण

About School

    A small village Shirdhon in western Maharashtra with a 3500 population where most of the Shirdhonkars are either farmers or farm laborers. Shirdhon village has a ZP school which enrolls close to 200 students from 1st to 7th grade/classes. This school is in frail condition with leaky roofs and cracked walls. Every student rural or urban deserves a better education. The Shirdhon villagers along with PURE India are on a mission to replace the deteriorating ZP school building and make it an example on how to improve the quality of education in villages.

Old School

Current Issues

  • School does not have playground.
  • School roof has holes, inhabitable in rainy season.
  • School walls has cracks.
  • School windows broken or missing.
  • School does not have clean water.
  • School does not have auditorium.
  • No sports equipment at school
  • Enrollment has gone down drastically.

New Building

Key Features

    • Green building.
    • Rooftop garden.
    • Digital classroom.
    • Flexible auditorium.
    • Unique sport ground.
    • Roof top water harvesting.
    • Library and science laboratory.
    • Wi-fi access all over the building
    • Lots of natural light in classrooms.
    • Kitchen and dining for midday meal.
    • Most of the work will b get done locally.

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